Pizzafest in Naples, Italy: A Celebration of the World's Favorite Dish


Every year, pizza lovers can taste and experience one city awash with pizzas as a bread dish or deep-frying preparation called "Fritta" along various new blends made for this occasion to select broadly which they like altering among Classic regulation and Creativity. More than a festival, Pizzafest has turned into an international cultural event that all the passionate pizza lovers worldwide should not miss.

The Birth of PIZZAFEST

Billed recently as Napoli Pizza Village It is created to celebrate over two centuries of Neapolitan history and tradition in making the finest pizzas. Dating back to the 18th century, Neapolitan pizza has a soft, thin crust and is topped with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil. Founded in the mid-90s, this festival aims to celebrate one of Australia's most famous foods and honour its artful origins. In the pat years, it has grown and turned into a huge event where you can see best pizzaiolos (pizza makers) in the world competing.


Pizzafest is an annual event taking place in Naples, generally late summer to early autumn month of September. The Lungomare Caracciolo is a wonderful promenade that follows Naples' waterfront, and offers splendid panoramic views of the Bay and Mount Vesuvius. This site is not only picturesque, but has enough space to accommodate the thousands of visitors and many pizzerias who attend.

fire in brown wooden round tray
fire in brown wooden round tray
Pizzafest Pizzza Events in Italian

The events all things being equal and children may discover a wide scope of exercises that fill their need. Heather / Pizzafest is packed with pizza tastings, and here are some of the highlights:

Pizza Tastings + Competitions

The essence of pizzacasting lies in - oh what else? Among the multitude of pizzerias erecting stalls, from Luzzo's to Ribalta and others in between1that each purvey their take on Neapolitan style. Visitors here can try a variety of pizzas from the famous Margherita to new exotic creations. It also provides foreign pizza contests and global championships for the best pizzaiolos worldwide.

Workshops and Demonstrations

Pizzafest also offers workshops and demonstrations for those who are actually interested in learning the art of making pizzas. The traditional craft of the pizzaiolo is revealed in this book, which shows how to make the perfect Neapolitan pizza by real masters. They not only teach you about how the food of Naples has always been eaten, but they entertain.

Live Music and Entertainment

Pizzafest doesn't revolve just around pizza, but celebrates the city of Naples with music being played all day. Each night, the festival showcases live performances of music ranging from traditional Neapolitan folk songs to contemporary bands. The hustle and bustle of the place is complemented by street performers, dancers etc.

The beer served at Oktoberfest is specially brewed for the occasion and adheres to the strict standards of the German Beer Purity Law. Traditional brews such as Märzen and Festbier take center stage, showcasing the rich flavors and craftsmanship that have made German beer world-renowned. Patrons can savor these brews in the company of fellow revelers, raising their steins in a collective toast to the spirit of Oktoberfest.

Family fun Pizzafest combines pizza-eating with a range of kids' activities. Pizza making for kids, face painting and games - whatever way you turn at the Beach Hut...your young children are going to have fun.

Cultural Exhibitions

The festival also had some kind of cultural exhibitions that focus on the history and heritage connected to Naples. The exhibits include Neapolitan crafts, archeological finds and contemporary art installations that appeal to visitors of all ages.

What to do in Naples

In its own right, Pizzafest is reason enough to go, but besides that Neapolitan pizza bonanza of glorious proportions the city itself is steeped in an intriguing history and attractions.

Pompeii and Herculaneum

Preserved ancient Roman cities just 30 minutes by car from Naples, frozen in time thanks to Mount Vesuvius's eruption back on AD79. The archaeological sites are great to visit if you want a peek into how the Romans lived.Naples National Archaeological Museum

It retains one of the world's most extensive collections of Greco-Roman antiquities, including sculptures and frescos from both Pompeii and Herculaneum. There are 2 main highlights of the Museo Archeologico Nazionale: These are a series of mosaics from Pompeii and Statuary, such as the Farnese Marbles.


A narrow, crowded street in the historic center of Naples. People-watching along the its church and shop-studded avenues is definitely a must.

Castel dell'Ovo Castle on the seafront that provides very good view of both the bay and city. An interesting place for photographers and an amazing snapshot of what ancient Naples would have been like.

La Scala

This is one of the oldest opera house in Europe, and also best known for its architecture an acoustics. A visit to see a show here is an unforgettable experience.

Naples Underground

With a guided tour of the hidden city beneath the streets, visitors can explore underground passageways and catacombs full of rich history. The old passages reveal strata of the city.

PIzza Conclusion

Why Pizzafest in Naples PIzzadeg Baking Whether you are into pizza, history or just a fun festival experience - Pizzfest has something to offer for everyone. This festival certainly proves to be a big lure for anyone, combined with the rich history and adoring landscape of Naples in this city. Therefore pack your luggage, choose meals eating regimen and most significantly get equipped for the exceptional pizza celebration in Italy!

Naples Travel Tips

To have the best time in Naples and at Pizzafest, check out these travel tips:


Make sure to book your accommodation ahead of time, particularly if you are going during Pizzafest. The accommodations run the gamut from upscale hotels to cozy B&Bs.

Useful Travel Tips

Naples has a well-developed public transport network which includes buses, trams and metro. Also, to get around the city it is pleasant to walk, especially in the historic center. Taxis and ride sharing services are available in abundance, though plan accordingly as Naples has notoriously bad traffic.


Naples is a big city and as such has areas that you would not wish to walk late at night. Stay in well-lit areas where other people are around; be aware of potential thieves.


The tourism industry is very well catered for but a few rudimentary Italian phrases can help and be respectful to the locals too.


In addition to pizza, Naples is also synonymous with its fish and pastry specialties (e.g. sfogliatella and baba) So make your way to order and taste some diverse, local delicacies that are the embodiment of Neapolitan cuisine.


The weather in Naples falls under Mediterranean climate. The summers are quite sweltering, so you will want to make sure that everything you wear is light and breathable. It may actually get cooler in the evenings (and especially when on water), so a light jacket never hurt anyone.


The Italian currency is the Euro (€) While credit cards are very widely accepted in Italy, it is best to carry some cash with you for purchases and coins when attending the Vatican or churches were there may be an attendant wanting a "tip".

Italian Cultural Etiquette

Italians are very friendly people who like to greet everyone in an open and accompanying way. Meet people with a smile and "buongiorno" (good morning) or "buonasera"( good evening). When you dine, it is common to leave a modest tip.

a pizza oven with a pizza inside of it
a pizza oven with a pizza inside of it